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The Center offers vocational training and entrepreneurial skills to help form self-sustaining adults, leading to an economically stable community. It also provides opportunities for fostering cross-cultural relationships.
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About Macy's Vocational Training Center

The Macy’s Vocational Training Center is an expansion of our Amaani Gabato (The Power of Kids) Program. We expanded our program to attract youth, ages 12-20, to encourage vocational training. We believe that by introducing entrepreneurial skills, we can help create self- sustaining adults, which leads to an economically stable community.

A grant from Macy’s allowed us to transform a storage room into a computer training center, offering computer skills, office programs, and a craft center for bead making and other crafts. The crafts department largely enrolled young women who had dropped out of school, ending up in early marriages, due to lack of alternatives. These women are now seeing hope in making a living wage from the skills they are acquiring.

Rukundo International is dedicated to fostering global awareness between children and adults in the United States and Africa, providing opportunities for individuals to authentically learn about new cultures and develop meaningful relationships with those outside their community. The computer center connects existing partners in the U.S. with our participants in Uganda through SKYPE and pen pal. Children in the United States can discuss how their day-to-day experience compares to that of a child in Uganda and possible solutions for becoming involved. Providing linkages to partners for development and global understanding to students who have never left their small community is not only an encouragement but also a learning experience for both parties.

Macy's Vocational Training Making Necklaces


trainer spotlight

Craft Trainer Betty

Betty, 30 years old, was born and raised in Rwanda, but moved to Uganda to live with her aunt after her parents died in an accident. She is an arts and crafts teacher at our training center. Betty is a single mom of two children: Luck, 5 years, and Ralinah, 10 years-old. She is trained in bead and basket-making, cake-baking, and tailoring, in addition to computer skills.

“The project has helped me to buy food, and pay school fees and rent. It has been a joy for my family. The income I normally make is not enough for the three of us, so having this extra job and income really helps. I plan to start saving to fulfill my dream of making and selling clothes.”

Betty, RI Craft Trainer

What We Need

Macy’s has generously provided funding for this program until the end of 2020. Due to the global pandemic, no additional grants are available at this time. To continue this life-changing program, we are seeking a partner for 2021. If you or your business would like to help, please contact us at

trainee spotlight

Aloni (23) is an IT graduate from our training center. He has now started a computer stationery shop, with his uncle’s assistance, after studying and acquiring computer knowledge at our Center.

“I studied PowerPoint, Photoshop, and Microsoft Word, amongst others. I particularly like to take pictures, edit them, and give them to my clients who come to my shop for these services. With the skills I’ve learned, I have been able to provide computer services for my neighbors, and I’m saving money to buy a camera and a laptop to make my business grow.”

Aloni, IT Vocational Trainee
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