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Scholar Gift with her Mum
Scholar Angella with her Sister

The Scholars Program provides scholarships to vulnerable students from rural areas that otherwise wouldn’t have been able to continue their education due to financial hardships. We currently support 52 children.

Scholars Supported
Mentoring Retreats
Students enrolled in institutions of higher learning.
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About RI Scholar's Program

This program strives to meet the educational needs of our students and also their physical, social, and emotional needs. Our Scholars are required to attend holiday retreats, where they receive additional training and mentorship. In addition, Scholars are required to complete at least one student-led community service project per year to foster and encourage community involvement.

RI closely monitors their educational progress. Healthy home environments are supported through routine monitoring and by assisting caregivers. We provide supplemental care on a case-by-case basis for additional needs such as school supplies, medical care, and counseling. For $40 per month, you can sponsor one of our scholars.

RI Scholars Esther and Phionah

Impacts of the Scholars Program

Student spotlight

I lost my parents to HIV when I was 9. As a young girl, I struggled a lot in my studies and would often miss exams because I could not afford school fees. My older brother was raising me, but his job could hardly pay for our meals. With Rukundo’s support, I was sent to a good boarding school to finish my secondary education, where I passed at the top of my class. My passion is to help save lives and my dream is to become a nurse. I saw so many women in my village struggling to give birth without assistance and some of them even lost their lives in the process, that I felt a need to help. Thanks to the opportunity Rukundo has given me, I have been able to join a nursing college. One day, I hope to have my own private clinic.

What We Need

In Uganda, 48% of the population is under the age of 14, and a staggering 61% of the population is under the age of 24. We have thousands of youth in need in our Kabale community. Your donation can help us purchase school supplies and uniforms, provide medical care, and pay school fees for vulnerable students. $40 per month will sponsor a scholar.

Student spotlight

Scholar Paula with her Grandparents

“My father abandoned my mother when I was six and I was left with my grandmother. My Primary School has a partnership with Rukundo’s GEP- Girls Empowerment Program, and I joined it when I was in 6th grade. I was the only girl in all seven GEP partner schools to pass the Uganda National Primary Leaving Exam with the highest score. As such, I was chosen to be enrolled in Rukundo’s Scholars Program when they became aware that my grandmother wouldn’t be able to help me continue my education in secondary school. My dream is to become a lawyer. I know I will have to work hard but I’m thankful to be able to continue my studies.”

Paula is now enrolled in a secondary-level boarding school. Less than 40% of girls in Kabale have the opportunity to attend secondary school. Through our Scholars Program, we are able to pay 100% of her school fees.

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