Rising Stars Program

Our Students Need YOU

In a country that is significantly impacted by poverty, children make up close to 60% of Uganda’s entire population. We seek to help children in the most vulnerable communities break cycles of poverty and reach their full potential through our high-quality educational opportunities.

Although we charge a small fee at Rukundo Preparatory School to those families that can afford the cost, these fees cover less than ⅓ of the total operating expenses to run our school effectively. The remaining operating costs are funded by our generous, recurring donors.

The cost to support a student, a Rising Star, is only $1/day ($30/month). With your donation, you provide our students with a first-class education, including smaller classroom sizes with more individualized learning, as well as two nutritious meals per day, all scholastic materials, a uniform, and so much more, all to help them rise to their full potential.

Becoming a Supporting Partner

You can make a one-time donation via the button at the top of the page, or choose to support one of our Rising Stars below. As a partner, we ask that, in addition to your financial contribution, you commit to three correspondences per calendar year to your aligned student. To help make your relationship more meaningful, we will provide you with templates with suggested information to share with your Star.

Why Should You Invest in our Rising Stars?

For a child in rural Uganda, $1/day can represent the only chance to obtain an education. We are an all volunteer-run organization in the U.S. As such, when you choose to donate, more than 90% of your donations go directly to our programs. It’s because of people like you that these young students’ futures are so bright. Become a part of our Rukundo International family and partner with one of our Rising Stars to make a difference in their lives today!

What Makes Our Rising Stars Program Different?

Rukundo is committed to protecting the dignity of our children and their parents and creating an equitable playing field.

We understand that child sponsorship has significant benefits. Sponsored children stay in school longer and are more likely to secure jobs and be leaders in their communities compared to their non-sponsored peers. In Uganda, sponsored children are 42% more likely to finish secondary education than those not sponsored, and 83% more likely to complete university.*
(*Source: Does International Child Sponsorship Work? New Research Says Yes.)

However, Rukundo International is mindful of the potentially damaging effects of traditional direct child-sponsorship models. These programs often single out vulnerable children, who often already feel insecure, creating an environment of stigma and shame for both students and their parents.
The Rising Stars program was designed to maximize the benefits for every child in our school, whether their parents have the ability to pay school fees or not. Furthermore, our students’ parents are fully aware that the high standards of our school cannot be maintained without outside support, enabling us to set realistic expectations within our community.

To uphold our values, we’ve developed distinct guidelines and communication templates to help you and our students form a genuine, personal connection, opening the door for authentic, cross-cultural learning. Our goal is to promote education and advocacy while helping both parties gain a broader and more diverse understanding of our shared world, rather than creating unfair comparisons for young children in developing countries.

Current Rising Stars

The following students are in need of a sponsor like YOU!

Abiasa - Sponsored - Thank You!
Criscent - Sponsored - Thank You!
Darlene - Sponsored - Thank You!
Esther - Sponsored - Thank You!
Faith A.
Faith A. - Sponsored - Thank You!
Gliceria - Sponsored - Thank You!
Isabel - Sponsored - Thank You!
Isaiah A.
Isaiah A.
Jeremiah M.
Jeremiah M.
Jesca - Sponsored - Thank You!
John Ethan
John Ethan - Sponsored - Thank You!
John Vianney
John Vianney - Sponsored - Thank You!
Kiara - Sponsored - Thank You!
Marianah - Sponsored - Thank You!
Mark Favour
Mark Favour - Sponsored - Thank You!
Mickeal - Sponsored - Thank You!
Promise - Sponsored - Thank You!
Treasure N.
Treasure N. - Sponsored - Thank You!
Tricia - Sponsored - Thank You!
Vivian - Sponsored - Thank You!
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