Our Programs & Initiatives

Our programs are the reason we exist. We want to empower the communities we serve through education and opportunity. Learn more about each program below and find out how you can take action to support our initiatives.

Preparatory School

Our school focuses on small class sizes, a high-quality curriculum, and engaging instruction from the best teachers.

Community Center

Out community center acts as the base for three of our programs, including Amaani G'abato and the Macy's Vocational Training Center.


Scholarships for high-performing students who wouldn’t have been able to continue their education due to financial hardships.

Girls Empowerment

A curriculum that uses soccer language and analogies to promote reproductive health, life skills, and HIV prevention.

Boys Soccer Program

Provides not only physical but also moral, linguistic, and professional development of vulnerable youth and children through soccer.


An agricultural program for women that uses mushroom farming and goats to create financial independence.

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