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We use our school grounds to provide free training and services to the surrounding community. A healthy community raises healthy children!

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About RI's Community Initiatives

Going beyond the school’s primary focus, we strive to impact the entire community by using the school and grounds for weekly children’s events, health clinics, women’s empowerment groups, and more. We have trained over 130 community members in WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene), and more than 80 members on how to prevent Tuberculosis, prevalent in this rural community. Additionally, we have installed a demonstration garden and distributed seedlings to 59 families to combat food insecurity.

In October 2019, we hosted our first FREE medical clinic for neighbors of Rukundo Preparatory School. We transformed the school building into a clinic for HIV, malaria, diabetes, cervical cancer, STI, UTI, and blood pressure screenings, dental extractions, and primary medical care. Almost 350 community members received services and 500+ enjoyed a free meal. Medical care is practically non-existent or unaffordable in rural communities, including the one near our school. Over 60% of the patients we treated were elderly and otherwise would not access quality medical care.

Community Outreach Impact


community spotlight

TB Training Attendee Aida

One of our challenges was to fight diseases in our community due to sanitary issues. Rukundo staff carried out several home visitations to assess sanitation conditions in the homes in our surrounding community. We found that drinking unsafe water was one of the main reasons why so many diseases were affecting residents. As such, our WASH sensitization program trained almost 150 community members on the importance of boiling water before drinking, safely storing it, and the importance of washing hands so as not to transmit diseases.

Aida, 23 years old, married, with three children, was among those who attended the training. Aida reports that she and her family used to suffer from chronic diarrhea but never knew the cause. After participating in WASH, she and her family have consistently drank only boiled water, and she now reports that her family is healthy. This program had a significant impact on the community. Subsequent visits to local homes show that almost all homes now use boiled water and are aware of necessary sanitary measures, which have significantly reduced diseases, according to reports from both families and the local health center.


What We Need

We can only expand our community services as resources allow. We are seeking sponsors to fund community trainings, medical service days, and to support our community garden. 

community spotlight

Willie, WASH training attendee

At the beginning of 2019, tuberculosis was impacting the Kyanamira community and spreading in Kabale district at-large at an alarming rate. Rukundo organized a one-day sensitization program, attended by over sixty people. Participants were trained and given the task of sensitizing the entire community on how to prevent and treat tuberculosis. Since this sensitization, the community has not registered a new case of the disease. Rukundo was impressed with the community’s help and commitment.

Willy, 33 years old, was among the attendees. “I didn’t know how the disease was spread. I learned, and then could also help others learn, that covering our mouth when near or taking care of a patient with tuberculosis is essential. They taught me about the proper administration of drugs for treatment, and that the patient should have separate utensils during the treatment period.”

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