Our Partners

Rukundo International would like to thank our generous partners. Without their grants and contributions, we would not be able to continue our programs and initiatives in Uganda.


Macy’s awarded us a $5,000 grant to launch the “Macy’s Vocational Training Center” at our school in Kabale, Uganda. The center was launched in December 2019 to train students in Information Technology, and arts & crafts. The program also encourages communication between students in both the U.S. and Uganda, helping to foster global awareness and opportunities for them to learn about new cultures and develop meaningful relationships.

Women's Microfinance Initiative

WMI has been providing grants to fund our Girl’s Empowerment Program, since 2016. Their support has allowed us to empower and educate over 1,000 girls. WMI provides micro-loans to impoverished women who have no access to banking services.

The Project Solution

The Project Solution has contributed with a $3,727 grant to the “Kabale Sanitation Project,” allowing us to construct the toilet for our school and community center.

Duo Media Productions

Duo Media Productions assists our organization by donating video production services. With their talents, we are able to produce high-quality videos to increase awareness for Rukundo International.

Olney Winery

Olney Winery has been a dynamic partner of Rukundo International, providing wine for our annual wine tasting and silent auction events. Their support contributes to the success of our fundraisers.

DH Technologies

DH Technologies provided funding for two classrooms at our Nursery School building, allowing us to expand educational services to an additional 60 students, as well as solar power for our kitchen.

Sean Lynch

Sean Lynch is one of Rukundo International’s long-time supporters. A percentage of the net profits of his book “Little Robin” is donated to our organization.

Magica Realty

Monica Molina is a licensed real estate broker of The Molina Group and Magica Realty. She has pledged to donate to Rukundo International upon the successful purchase of a property or sale in the Maryland area.

Contact Monica at : mmolina@themolinagroup.com

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