Make Your Mark(et) is back!

From March 15 to April 15, purchase items through our online market featuring locally sourced supplies, cleaning products, food and more! It couldn’t be easier: you shop, and the students in Uganda receive the support they need to continue their education. By shopping locally, you’re also helping small businesses on the ground in Kabale grow.

Our annual shopping special only lasts for one month… make sure to Make Your Mark(et) before April 15! 

Not sure where to start? You can Make Your Mark by purchasing textbooks, meals, and school supplies for a student, or you can buy a brick to help build the next classroom at Rukundo Preparatory School (RPS).

Help Students Succeed!

P2 Marianah

“Before I brought my daughter Marianah to RPS, I was so frustrated. She could hardly understand anything she was being taught in class and the teachers in her former school advised that I get a specialist because my daughter seemed like a child with special needs. When I had lost all hope someone encouraged me to bring her to RPS. She said they had smaller classes and teachers would dedicate more time to her. My daughter is now active in extracurricular activities unlike before, she has greatly improved in her class performance and we are all happy. Thanks to the teachers for giving me hope that my child will soon be among the best in her class!”  ~Marianah’s mother, speaking at graduation 

Last year, your support made it possible for Rukundo Preparatory School (RPS) to fully open following the longest school closures in the world. This year, we aim to not just survive – we aim to thrive. Class is now in session, and the school is bustling with more than 200 students: the next generation of citizens in Kabale, Uganda.

On your mark… get set… go!

Will you join our global network of supporters to help raise $10,000 and be part of empowering our students to be leaders, ultimately changing the lives of an entire community? 

Help families like Marianah’s by browsing the online market. We’re sure you’ll find life-changing items to put in your shopping cart. A musical instrument? Gardening supplies? Traditional costumes that help tell Uganda’s rich, cultural history? It’s all there and more, but only for one month. 

Set our students up for success and make a lasting impact by Making Your Mark(et) today!

We continue to be grateful for your overwhelming support – support that allows us to provide holistic care for students like Marianah.

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Our Goal - $10k
Our goal for this campaign is $10,000. Come back throughout the month and track our progress. We could not do any of this without you!

Become a $1 a Day Donor

The best way to support the mission and programs of Rukundo International is to sign up as a $1 a day donor. Your $30 monthly donation sustains us throughout the year and helps fund our operations.

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