Graphic of a market stand that says "Make Your Mark(et)"

Make Your Mark in Uganda

From March 15th-April 15th, browse and purchase items through our online market of locally sourced supplies, cleaning products, food, and more! You shop. Our students receive resources to support their education and small local businesses receive support to maintain their livelihood.

Schools in Uganda, including Rukundo Preparatory School, were closed for almost two years, marking the longest school closures in the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The devastating impacts of the pandemic and associated lockdowns extend far beyond missed days in the classroom, particularly in rural communities: 

  • Thousands of schools and businesses were forced to close. 
  • Many teachers changed professions
  • Most students did not have access to any ongoing educational materials. 
  • Many children dropped out of school. 
  • Teen pregnancy and early marriage rates, as well as sexual and domestic violence reports, skyrocketed. 
  • Child labor and drug and alcohol usage increased. 
  • Families reported increased food insecurity and decreased income. 

Despite these alarming consequences, we are so thankful to report that Rukundo International, our students, our teachers, and our beneficiaries have not fallen victim to these tragic outcomes, and it’s only thanks to YOUR support. 

Throughout the entirety of the lockdowns, we paid our staff and teachers their full salaries and continuously homeschooled our students. We supported our most vulnerable community members with emergency relief in the form of food, seeds, goats, hygiene products, and more to ensure their well-being. We protected 100% of our Girls’ Empowerment Program participants from early pregnancy and marriage. 

Help Our Students Succeed

Our school recently re-opened in January, 2022 to 183 students! Help set them up for success AND leave a lasting impact through this year’s Make Your Mark(et) initiative!

We are so incredibly thankful to have your continued support to pay and empower our teachers and provide quality education,  two nutritious meals a day, and so much more to our amazing and deserving students. 

Our Goal - $10k
Our goal for this campaign is $10,000. Come back throughout the month and track our progress. We could not do any of this without you!

Become a $1 a Day Donor

The best way to support the mission and programs of Rukundo International is to sign up as a $1 a day donor. Your $30 monthly donation sustains us throughout the year and helps fund our operations.

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