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The primary goal of the RI soccer club is to provide not only physical but also moral, linguistic, and professional development of vulnerable youth and children through soccer.
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About Our Boy's Soccer Club

Soccer tournaments are arranged during school holidays to keep children busy, so that they stay off the streets and out of trouble, and also improve their sports skills. Most vulnerable children miss out on these programs because they lack the resources to participate. Our players are sponsored from vulnerable communities in Kabale district.

Local authorities welcome our soccer program as an antidote against the growing rate of drug abuse and moral decadence that increase during school holidays. This program aims to help reduce crime rates, drug abuse, and bolster the fight against HIV/AIDS by keeping children engaged in soccer activities. Training activities reinforce the spirit of friendship and partnership, in addition to giving the players a sense of responsibility and helping these young people build their confidence and self-esteem.

RI Soccer Team

Impacts of the Soccer Club

Player Spotlight

Victor from RI Soccer Team

Victor made a total of nine goals in the Kabale Municipal Soccer Tournament that took place in January, 2020. This gave him the title of best scorer in the entire tournament! Victor, you make our team proud.


What We Need

We need increased funding to expand the services provided to our team, including training workshops and supplies, and hiring professionals to provide classes and mentorship to our boys.  

player spotlight

Ainamaani Joel RI Soccer Program Spotlight
Joel, a 15-year-old senior at a local High School in Kabale, has played in our Soccer Club since 2017. Before joining the program, Joel had no idea about soccer tactics, leading others, and socializing. But through our Boy’s Soccer initiative he gained confidence and discovered his talent. “I’ve learned what working together as one to achieve a common goal means. I’m so proud to know that I’ve helped our team to perform great during the 2019 Kabale youth tournament, when we became the second best and were awarded a prize! I’ve also learned leadership skills and how to be more responsible, because I was the team captain. And I’m also happy to make more friends!”
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