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Amaani Gabato - The Power of Kids

The Power Of Kids

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Children of Amaani Gabato

Amaani G’abato means “the power of kids. ” This programs is open to any child in the community who is of primary (elementary) school age and offers learning, games, and a nutritious meal.

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About Amaani G'abato

This community program, launched in early 2018, has grown to over 200 children attending each week. Our staff engage the children each Sunday afternoon to play games, receive an educational lesson, and social and emotional support. This program offers a safe place to for children to discuss concerns.

We provide a meal to each child to close out the program. We strive to impact the entire community by using the school and grounds as a community center for weekly children’s events, health clinics, women’s empowerment groups, and more.

Children in the Tent - Amaani Gabato

Impacts of Amaani G'abato

Program spotlight

Racheal, 11 years old, joined the Amaani G’abato program in 2018, as soon as Rukundo International started to invite kids from the community to our center on Sunday’s. Racheal has rarely missed a Sunday since. Before joining AG, Racheal had no idea about personal hygiene, singing in English, praying or simply sharing with friends. She was taught about the importance of washing hands before eating, how to bathe herself, brush her teeth, wash clothes, and boil water for drinking.

“It was very important to learn how to take better care of my hygiene. It makes me feel good about myself. Also, my favorite thing about the AG program is the meal we always share and the lessons we are taught, like to pray and to sing.”


Support Amaani G'abato

We plan to expand our community center initiatives, as resources allow. We welcome all donations to expand our kid’s programs, medical clinics, and community trainings. Corporations are invited to become our partners in these initiatives by sponsoring our community outreach programs. Contact us for more information.

Program spotlight

Derrick Success Story

Derrick is a ten year-old boy attending a local Primary School in the Kynamira community. He has been participating in the Amaani G’abato Program since 2018.

“I was shy to speak with other kids, and I did not know how to pray. Now, I can lead the prayers at my house for my father. My mom used to do that, but she passed away. I also like to come to the Center on Sundays to sing, dance and play.”

Mr. Rafael, Derrick’s dad, says, “Amaani G’abato has helped my son to stay out of trouble and also not to get involved with wrong companies. It is a safe place for him to find entertainment and to learn good things. He is behaving much better since he joined
this program. I’m thankful that Rukundo International started the AG program in Kyanamira.”

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